Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

9. Testing

Direct mail advertising is unique because it provides measurable results. By testing and tracking you can determine the most effective lists, offers and creative.

There are three factors that determine the success of your direct mail campaign. 40% is the list. 40% is the offer or cause. And 20% is the creative. Test each one to find what works best.

  • Test lists from different sources using the same offer to see which get the best response. Then use those for future mailings.
  • Test offers such as premiums, different suggested donation amounts, or beneficiaries to find out what works.
  • Test creative by using different designs and different copy. Test different formats such as postcards, envelopes or self‐mailers. Stick with what generates the best response.

Remember to test only one thing at a time. If you test a new list and new offer at the same time you won’t know which was responsible for the result.


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