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Secrets to Getting More Response From Your Mail part 4

Make it personal

Speak directly to your customer with a relevant message. A florist sends birthday and anniversary reminders to its customers. A shoe retailer notifies a customer about a new model of running shoe, an upgrade to what she has purchased before. These efforts turn the mail into a customer service tool. And your customers want service. Variable digital printing provides a tool for customizing every mail piece with personalized messages and images.

Secrets to Getting More Response From Your Mail part 3

Emphasize benefits, not features

People want to know “What’s in it for me?”, not what’s in your product or service. Features are what your product has. Benefits are how it improves your life. SPF 50 is a feature of sunscreen. Helps prevent skin cancer is the benefit. As an old ad man once said, “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.”

Secrets to Getting More Response From Your Mail part 2

Make a compelling offer It’s the basic driver of response.

  • Offer a discount, free gift or rebate.
  • If your offer is powerful, consider including it in your headline.
  • Put a time limit on the offer to motivate the reader to respond quickly.
  • Use the word “free.”

Secrets to Getting More Response From Your Mail part 1

There are three basic elements that determine the success of a direct mail campaign: the list, the offer and the creative.

Target your list: 

There is no factor more important to the success of your mailing than the list. The quality of the mailing list represents at least 40% of your campaign’s success.

  • Target recipients to match your offer.
  • Apply predictive list models to target a smaller, more specific audience.
  • Keep your list up to date.
  • See Eye/Comm’s publication “Creating a Successful Mailing List” for more ideas. Ask us for a free copy.


Cost Effective Direct Mail Done Right, Part 17

17. Keep it consistent: All mail pieces within a single mailing must be uniform in size and weight.

Use the same paper stock for all pieces in a mailing to avoid postal weight verification problems. The Post Office weighs a sample batch from each mailing to verify the number of pieces in the mailing. If their sample batch weighs more, they will charge you for more pieces. That means additional postage.

Cost Effective Direct Mail Done Right, Part 16

16. Don’t forget the postage: Postage can be affixed in three ways. 

  • Permit imprint (indicia) printed on the mail piece.
  • Postage meter imprinted when the mail is processed.
  • Stamp.

If you are going to print an indicia onto the mail piece, make sure it is positioned correctly and is worded right. Leave enough room in the upper right corner if you want a postage meter or stamp. Send us a mock-up or pdf file of the addressing side before your mail piece is printed. It can save you money.



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