Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

The best part about direct mail is how versatile it can be. We can create a piece that inspires the senses and ignites the imagination! What better way to drive customers to purchase than to give them a memorable experience. So you say, how can you do that? Well, here are a few ideas for you.

  1. Smell: Use a scent on your mailer. This is not just for perfume, get creative! What are you selling and how does it tie to a particular scent? Make sure it smells good even if you are selling detergent. Use the fragrance of the detergent to let the recipient know that their dirty sock will smell good again.
  2. Sound: Capture their interest. One of the best things now is that you can drive people to a website or video with sound by having them scan a QR Code. There are so many creative options with sound, you can really stand out!
  3. Motion: Use Augmented Reality to create movement on your pieces. This technology is a great way to add a new dimension to your mailer.
  4. Texture: Create a unique feel to your piece. There are many different coatings now to give you a wide variety of feels.
  5. Taste: Add a taste to your mailer. If you are selling chocolate add that flavor or anything that can be associated with your product or service.

Be creative! Think of all the possibilities! You can really create a memorable piece and increase your ROI.

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