Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

Emotions drive all of our behaviors, from the food we eat to the volunteering we do. Before you can start trying to illicit emotion, you need to figure out 3 things about your recipients: feelings, want and how. You need to know how they currently feel so you can create a way to feel better. You need to know what they want so that you can target that and you need to know how you can solve their problems.

Here are a few tips to get you there:

  1. Emotional Marketing means nothing if the company and employees do not back it up.
  2. Set out to create a new category for your product or service so that you are seen as the first  doing it.
  3. Do not focus on attributes, they are rational and you want emotion.
  4. Use colors and photos along with your words to enhance the emotion.
  5. Start your message with the bad and morph it into your version of good.

The top emotions to target are: Curiosity, Hope, Urgency, Pain or Anger. Obviously there are many more emotions available to you and one of those may fit better for your particular target audience. If so, feel free to use one of them. The idea here is to know your target audience and go after what they will react to. If you can get your message to engage your recipients emotions, you will get their order.

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