Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

Now more than ever marketers are searching for the best channels to maximize their ROI. Direct mail will get you there. I am not saying to stop marketing in other channels, what I am saying is that direct mail is a very effective channel so make sure you are using it too. Jump aboard the freight train to better ROI!

Here are a few reasons why direct mail is very effective:

  1. No other medium allows for very specific targeting: This allows you to offer something that each individual is going to want. Don’t waste money sending out an offer to someone who is not interested.
  2. It is viewed as less intrusive than other forms such as email
  3. A tangible item is remembered better
  4. It can be put aside to review later
  5. It can be shared with friends
  6. You can drive customers to an interactive landing page using mobile barcodes like the QR code.
  7. You can use expiration dates to get people to respond quickly.
  8. It’s easy to track responses if you incorporate the requirement that in order to get the offer they must enter a code or bring the piece to the store.

There are so many options with direct mail, from the list to the creative and beyond. Take your marketing to another level with direct mail. Direct mail may seem “Old School”, but it is still very relevant and compelling. In order to reap the true value of direct mail you need to use relevant offers to very targeted audiences.

If you have any questions call us 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help! Visit our website for more tools.


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