Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

Every day the number of people accessing sites thru their phones is growing by leaps and bounds. What does this mean for you the marketer? Well this means that you need to mobile optimize your marketing. You need a mobile website. If someone is scanning your QR Code, they need to be sent to a mobile optimized site. How do you create one? We can help.

Creating a mobile website key ingredients:

  1. Limit the amount of text to short concise information.
  2. Have large easy to push button links that are relevant to the user
  3. Add code to your website to auto direct mobile phone users to your mobile site
  4. Take advantage of the cell phone technology, incorporate directions based on the user’s location.
  5. Have share buttons to pass information to friends
  6. Have easy contact info with one click calling and email
  7. Format your pictures to fit the phone screen and keep them to a minimum

Having mobile landing pages will increase your traffic and create great experience with its ease of use for your customers. Remember mobile is fast, connects you with your customers immediately and it’s effective. Keep people scanning your QR Codes by making it easy to navigate to what they need.

If you have any questions call us 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help! Visit our website at


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