Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

Starting July 1, 2012 thru August 31, 2012 the USPS is offering a postage discount to qualifying mailings. Qualifying mailings are presorted and automation mailings of First-Class Mail cards, letters, and flats and Standard Mail (including Nonprofit Standard Mail) letters and flats with a QR Code barcode inside or on the mail piece. The discount will be 2% off of the postage.

Here are the specific requirements:

  1. The mobile barcode must lead the recipient of the mail piece either to a webpage that allows the recipient to purchase a product or service on a mobile device, or to a personalized URL, which leads to a web page that is unique to an individual recipient.
  2. Participation requires electronic documentation.
  3. Commingled, combined and co-mail mailings are allowed, but a separate postage statement is required for pieces with mobile barcodes.

This is a great chance to try out QR Codes on your direct mail and claim a postage discount! If you have any questions call us 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help! Visit our website



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