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Marketing With Rhyme

Why would you want to rhyme your marketing? Well, it turns out there is a science to rhyming. A study was conducted in 2000, you can see it here by Matthew S. McGlone and Jessica Tofighbakhsh of Lafayette College. They wanted to see if a rhyming phrase had an impact on a person’s perception of truthfulness versus a non-rhyming phrase that delivered the same message. What they found was that rhyming was rated consistently higher for truthfulness than non-rhyming.

So, as a marketer what does this mean to you? Well, basically that rhyming can help you increase your message retention, recall and amplify your reach. If you use rhyme in your marketing it will be perceived as more truthful. Who doesn’t want that? So, how do you go about doing it? Start by figuring out your ideal message and then try to convert that to a simple rhyme. Next you will need to test it for its effectiveness as the line may look good on paper, but you need to see if it will really work.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Does it create a sarcastic or negative response? This is the exact opposite of what you want to do.
  • Does it sound a bit pretentious? Stay away from preaching or commanding language.
  • Does the line help when you’re ordering the product or service? When it is related to your product or service and is helpful that will create a stronger bond to the phrase.
  • Does it sounds like ‘corporate-speak’, making it sound unreal? It must be believable and in layman’s terms.
  • Does it make you say “Oh yeah?” Creating a need in the reader to prove you wrong, is not what you want.
  • Does it sound a bit mixed up? It needs to be clear as well as concise.

This new phrase should be used in all your marketing items, direct mail, email, website, all printed brochures and social media. Have fun and be creative!

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    Being a small business owner I’m always looking for news, helpful blogs, and articles about running and marketing a small business.

    Reading about other businesses and what they are doing is always helpful.

    Keep up the good work

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