Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

Direct mail done right will bring you your biggest return on investment. So to get you started we have put together a list of how to get started with direct mail the right way.

  1. Decide who is your audience is going to be. Do you have a list or will you need to rent one?
  2. Decide what you want to accomplish, generate sales, acquire donations and so on.
  3. Decide what your message will be. Focus on the benefits to the recipient.
  4. Decide what your call to action will be. Make it clear and easy to respond.
  5. Design your piece with all the information from the steps above. Get creative but make sure it is a postal approved format.
  6. Use testimonials if you have some. They are a great source of validation.
  7. Use personalization whenever possible. These days digital printing allows for not only a personalized message but also pictures and offers directly related to that person.
  8. Make sure that you a creating a long-term program. Each campaign can build upon the last. The more times you reach out to them the better your response is going to be.

These days it pays to incorporate other forms of marketing with your direct mail. Social media and QR codes can help you broaden your message to a wider audience. Make sure to keep the same theme and end game in mind. The way you deliver the message may be different but the message should be uniform and not conflict.

If you have any questions call us 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help!


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