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The most important factor is understanding the role of social media in your marketing. What do we mean by social media? Well social media is an online form of social interaction. The most common platforms are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. With these platforms social media allows brands to become more personalized. Marketers can communicate in a conversational way with customers and potential customers.

Marketing is a tool we use to inform consumers about our services or products, who we are and what we offer, social media does that well. It allows businesses to create a personal identity based on the brand, humanize it. Social media must be a part of your everyday marketing in order to keep the momentum and attention you need for it to be successful. Social media marketing not only works for small businesses, but large ones as well, what role should it play in your marketing?

The best part about social media, is that it allows businesses to build relationships with customers. By building these relationships, businesses increase the brand awareness and referrals. Social media marketing should be personal and fun. Relate to others as your peers and engage them in conversations. Don’t just talk about product news, get ideas and feedback from them. If you have a question, use your followers as your target market. Create fun interactive campaigns that can be shared by followers.

It is important to do social media right! Social media is not the be all end all of marketing. You need to incorporate it into your other marketing efforts. The role of social media in your marketing is to be accessible to those interested in your product or service and visible to those that don’t know your product or service. This way you create not only repeat-buyers, but customer loyalty.

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  1. Great post! We can’t agree more!

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