Marketing and Direct Mail Tips


Marketing to create buzz, helps spread information about your product or service through word of mouth. Hopefully it’s positive buzz. Here we will discuss 5 ways your marketing can help you generate positive buzz for your organization.  How powerful can buzz marketing can be for your company? Extremely! Consumers trust people around them to provide them with good references. You want to be one of the referrals.

  1. Identify key individuals who are major influencers for your industry or product. Woo them and get them talking about you.
  2. Be sure to include in your electronic marketing, ways for the information to be passed onto others, through social media share buttons or email.
  3. Create contests that are fun and exciting. Make sure the prize ties in with your branding and is something your target audience will want.
  4. Create suspense around what you are trying to market. Give only few details. People love to talk about what they don’t know and what that could be.
  5. When possible create a “scarcity complex”. People jump all over each other to get to do something for a limited time or only so many have been produced.

When used correctly marketing with buzz can be very powerful. Who knows better than your mother, sister, or best friend what will work best for you. We listen to  the people closest to us as well as people we see as knowledgable about a subject. By harnessing that with buzz about your product or service you can drastically increase your referrals and therefore your profits.

If you have any questions please call 619-448-611 or email us at We are glad to help!


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