Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

These days marketing campaigns consist of many channels. Companies want to build long-term customer relationships. Can a company market too  much? Can you actually drive customers away instead of increase their interaction with you? Yes you can!

A research study on the ideal volume of email, direct mail and telephone communications found that 3 phone calls, 3 or 4 emails and 9 to 10 direct mailings were the best. Whenever it went over these amounts the negative reactions increased.

Do you know which channel has the most effective communication method? That would be direct mail.  Consumers view the mail they receive as less intrusive than phone calls and emails. Direct mail can be viewed at one’s leisure.

Contrary to what some people believe, direct mail is not considered “junk mail” by the individuals receiving it. They pay attention to the advertising they receive. Nearly 90% of consumers say they want to receive sales and promotions via direct mail.

When consumers are provided with a direct mail piece its sparks an interest that does one of two things, drives them to the store to purchase or drives them online to get more information. Direct mail is essential for converting desire and intention into action.

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