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Now is the time for innovative ideas in direct mail marketing! The best way to get a great response to your campaign is to generate an emotional response in the recipient. The fastest way to reach our emotions is thru our senses. People use 80% emotion and 20% reason to make decisions. Adding layers of senses to your direct mail can drastically improve your results.

  1. Sight – this is the most used sense in direct mail. We use color, pictures, logos and words to appeal to the sense of sight.
  2. Touch – Direct mail is very tactile. The texture and shape of a direct mail piece can be designed in such a way that it is fun to touch. There are many coatings that can be added for a soft or rough feel, increasing the recipients involvement with the piece.
  3. Hear – It is common these days to see cards with sounds. Have you thought of adding sound to your direct mail? A sound can help set the mood of emotion you are trying to reach.
  4. Smell – This sence is directly linked in the brain to emotion and memory. Adding smell to your direct mail can greatly increase your message being remembered and acted upon.
  5. Taste – This is closely linked with smell. Not everyone will be able to offer taste as an option in their direct mail, but if you can, wow what a difference it will make.

You want to create an experience your recipient will remember by incorporating more sensory stimulation. When you use more than one sense in your campaign you increase the likelihood of greater emotion. That greater emotion translates into a stronger connection with your brand, building loyalty, which ultimately drives more purchasing. Just adding one other sense to the direct mail piece can really help.

If you have any questions please call 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help!


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