Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

You can create very unique QR Codes for your marketing pieces. Get your designers excited about QR Codes! The more they stand out the better chance you have that someone will scan your code. It is very important to provide instructions on how to scan and a reason for the recipient to scan the code. Keep the instructions and reason short and sweet.

Here are some things to keep in mind when designing a unique QR Code:

  1. Keep the 3 squares (two upper corners and one bottom corner) clear and discernible. They are the most important part of the barcode.
  2. Keep your logo or other art in the center of the barcode.
  3. You will need to keep at least a 1/16 white space around your barcode, in order for the barcode to scan.
  4. Test your design on multiple phone types and scanners. What works on one may not work on another.

Another key element with QR Codes is to design landing pages with mobile in mind. Using a unique design to increase your scan rates is only the first step. Your landing page must be easy to navigate with a mobile phone. Use large buttons and only key information that the user needs.

If you have any questions, call us 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help.


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