Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

Email marketing can enhance your direct mail marketing with a lift on average of 11%. The emails can be timed based on your direct mail in home dates, allowing for a double punch of your message. You can also easily add a follow-up email one week later to grab the attention of those who put the mail piece aside for later and have forgotten about it. There are a couple of good things to note about follow-up emails:

  • You can send multiple email reminders without being overbearing, but don’t get too carried away
  • You are more likely to receive a prompt response to your follow-up emails, than single emails with no tie to another campaign
  • The recipients feel part of your business and more involved when multi-channels are used

Direct mail still represents 17% of the overall marketing budget, which is larger than the share held by any other media. Second is email. Direct mail has the most targeted messages at 29% followed by email at 22%. So when your campaign incorporates both you have a much larger impact. This will increase your ROI. One important fact to remember when planning your campaigns, is to keep the message and branding consistent between the direct mail and email. You want the recipient to associate them.

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