Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

The USPS summer sale on direct mail with QR codes is in full swing! Are you saving 3% on your postage by using a QR code on your direct mail? You should be. The sale only lasts until August 31st 2011. Add those QR Codes now! Not sure what a QR Code is? QR codes, or quick response codes were created by the Japanese in 1994.

In order to read QR codes you will need to download a barcode reader application. Then point your smart phone camera at the code,  the QR code will instantly decode and take you to a website, video or more. They can be scanned upside down or side ways and still work.

Scan the code above and see our website. Codes can be many sizes from a billboard to a 1.5 inch square so you can place them anywhere. Why do people scan QR codes? Well, they are curious, to get discounts or other offers, and to learn more. How do you get started with QR codes? Well there are many free sites available to generate your code. It is also recommended to include a way for people to sign up for your emails, twitter and any other information your company provides.

Click here, to check out our post for details of the sale. You can use the QR code to link to your website, video or whatever is currently relevant to your offer. 

Call us today to start your next direct mail campaign with QR Codes! 619-448-6111 or email


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