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Every company wants to go green, but what does that really mean? Is email greener than direct mail? You may be surprised by the real comparison between print media and digital media’s impact on the environment. Both forms of communication have impacts. Lets take a closer look at what is really happening, not including the renewable resources.

Starting with Digital Media we find:

  • Intense Infrastructure Energy Usage
  • Manufacturing of infrastructure materials such as computers, routers and so on.
  • Disposal of infrastructure materials with heavy metals and chemicals
  • CO2 emissions from data centers

Now for Print Media:

  • Energy Usage
  • Disposal of Chemicals
  • Manufacturing of equipment
  • Disposal of materials used to create equipment

The goal in being environmentally friendly is to take into account every aspect of what you are doing and to be most efficient at it. The choice between digital and print media today needs to be based on reaching your customers most efficiently. The best way is the multi-channel approach. Using both digital and print to reach your customers in a way they will most respond to.

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Comments on: "Print Media Versus Digital Media’s Environmental Impact" (2)

  1. AGREED! As a company who distribute Digital Print machinery, we still take it upon ourselves to push “green” software with our hardware… limiting what is printed and helping to decide if what you’re about to print ACTUALLY needs to be printed.

    Its amazing at how many companies don’t understand that by being greener with what they print actually saves them money! Its a win-win situation… the only problem is getting the message out there – we for one are currently focusing a lot on digital advertisement – Greener! (but also a wider reach)

  2. Mothusi Odirile said:

    National goal for Environmental club in my community is to a green town……………… Botswana

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