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QR codes, or quick response codes were created by the Japanese in 1994. We are now seeing increased use of QR Codes. In order to read QR codes you will need to download a barcode reader application, then point your smart phone camera at the code, snap a picture, the QR code will instantly decode and take you to a website. They can be scanned upside down or side ways and still work. Scan the code above and see our website. Codes can be many sizes from a billboard to a 1.5 inch square so you can place them anywhere. Why do people scan QR codes? Well, they are curious, to get discounts or other offers, and to learn and more.

How do you get started with QR codes? Well there are many free sites available to generate your code. You will need to design your landing page with what ever information you want to provide. It is also recommend to include a way for people to sign up for your emails, twitter and any other information your company provides.

QR codes help make direct mail interactive by connecting to websites videos and more. Your direct mail becomes an integrated campaign. The best thing about adding QR codes to your direct mail is that it gives you online tractability for visits to your landing page. You can offer more information on the page as well as extras for the people who were interested and scanned the code.

It is possible to have unique QR codes so that each person is directed to their own personalized site. This can help you tailor your message directly to them and increase your response rate. Another benefit is that you can have the recipient keep the mail piece to use multiple times. You have the ability to change the landing page offers as often as you want. This can be coupons, discounts or specials once a month or in what ever increment you desire. That turns your direct mail piece into a useful item for the long-term. It also keeps the recipient engaged with your company.

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Comments on: "Can QR Codes Help Your Direct Mail?" (3)

  1. I have been reading more and more about these and it looks like they could have a fantastic impact on those looking to merge the traditional success methodology of direct mail with the flexibility of internet/mobile marketing. I have commented about this in my own tweets. I’m anticipating putting a downloadable content on wwwdotdirectmailsecretsdotnet to assist people in increasing it’s usage. This is great for the mid-market campany looking to consolodate marketing efforts! Hope they prove more effective than pURLs in recent years.

    Mark Ryan

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