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Most people at this point have heard of the Intelligent Mail Barcode, here is the scoop about what it means to you:

  1. The Postal Service will require all mailings qualifying for automation discounts to have an Intelligent Mail Barcode starting in May 2011.
  2. There are 2 types of Intelligent Mail Barcodes:

Basic: Performs just like the current Postnet barcode

  • No additional benefits
  • Will be required on all automation mailings in May 2011
  • Mail pieces larger than that fall into the flats category and have a significantly higher postage rate. The maximum allowed is 12″ high by 15″ long. Flats can cost more than twice as much per piece as letters. For lower postage rates, keep your mail piece at letter size.

Or Full Service: Provides additional services and benefits

  • Start the clock info: Tells you when your mail entered the mail stream
  • Delivery confirmation: You can also track your mail with IMB for an additional charge.
  • Free ACS: Get address updates free. Currently 5 cents without full service IMB.
  • Postage discounts:
  • First class = 0.3 cent ($30 on a 10,000 piece mailing)
  • Standard = 0.1 cent ($10 on a 10,000 piece mailing)

Eye/Comm is certified by the US Postal Service to provide Full Service IMB. Ask us how we can help you take advantage of the benefits of IMB. or call us 619-448-6111.


Comments on: "Intelligent Mail Barcodes, The Real Deal" (1)

  1. Ed Gillespie said:

    Thanks for the recap. Just read about a Webinar next week that will discuss how you can add the barcode as part of your presort process. Seems like there is a lot of information out there. If interested,

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