Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

Holiday Mail

Ok, so this time of year I get asked, should I use a Christmas stamp. This can be a tricky question depending on who you are mailing to. These days, we as businesses, want to be politically correct so we do not want to send a Christmas stamp to a client who is Jewish for instance. The two stamp pictures shown above are the most common we will send out this year.

Now if you are like most of our clients, you do not know who on your list is affiliated with what religion. So, your best choice is to use the evergreen. These are non-denominational and therefore appropriate for all. Not really quite a holiday theme, but still unique.

We have some clients that want a snowman, so in those cases we purchase the holiday stamps and use only the snowman on each sheet, then provide the unused stamps back to the client to use as they wish. Everyone has their own idea of what works for them, so we try to accommodate each request as much as we can.

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