Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

I am always trying to find relevant information for our nonprofit clients. I came across this study and felt it was important to share.

According to a recent study from Target Analytics, direct mail was the top revenue channel in 2009 for non-profit organizations.  Analysis determined that direct mail delivered $8 of every $10 donated.

2009 Fundraising Revenue by Source
 Marketing Source %
 Direct mail 78
 Internet 9
 Telemarketing 3
 All Other 10

The Target Analytics Index of National Fundraising Performance analyzes direct marketing giving for many of the largest non-profit organizations in the country. For the twelve months ending Q4 2009, Target Analytics evaluated transactions from 79 organizations, including over 38 million donors and more than 74 million gifts totaling over $2 billion in revenue.

Additional findings:

  • The proportion of revenue coming in online has been growing steadily.  In 2005, Internet gifts made up only 4% of all revenue. In 2009, the Internet accounted for 9% of total revenue.
  • Internet gifts tend to be significantly larger than mail.  For indexed organizations in 2009, the median online gift was $79, the median telemarketing gift was $45, and the median mail gift was $40.
  • In 2009, 87% of all new donors for the non-profits studied were acquired via direct mail.   While the proportion of donors acquired online is growing steadily, only 12% of new donors were acquired online in 2009. 

Source:  Target Analytics, Index of National Fundraising Performance 2009 Fourth Calendar Quarter Results.


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