Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

Here are the top 10 mistakes that will cost you money:

10. Trying to mail nonprofit without a valid nonprofit permit with the post office. The IRS approval does not allow you to mail nonprofit. You must apply for nonprofit status with the post office.

9. An invalid permit printed on the mail piece. This must be covered up with a correct indicia.

8. The number of pieces received is the same quantity as the mail list. We need a few overs for machine spoilage. Your mailing will mail short if you give us the exact number of pieces.

7. The color in the addressing area is too dark. This will require us to label instead of inkjet the addresses.

6. Different stocks of paper for the same mailer. The post office weight verifies the mail. So when you use two different paper stocks the post office cannot get an accurate piece count. This means you may pay postage for more pieces than you actually have.

5. UV coating or varnish on the mail panel. These types of coatings do not allow ink to dry, therefore the mailing would have to be labeled. (You can use a satin aqueous coating on the mail panel)

4. Return address near the mail address. If the return address is near the mail address there is a very good chance that the post office will deliver the entire mailing to the return address instead of the mail address. You can change the format of the return address to read all on one line or keep it up high on the mail panel.

3. Flat size mailer with the mail panel in the bottom portion. The USPS requires the address block on flat size mailers to be in the top portion, so this piece would now have to be placed in an envelope in order to mail.

2. Mailers folded so that extra tabs are required. Letter size mail requires tabs. The least number of tabs is 1. In order to qualify for 1 tab the final fold needs to be below the mail panel. If it is above the mail panel 2 tabs are required. If it opens to the left of the mail panel, 3 tabs are required. If it is a stitched booklet 3 tabs are required.

1. Not enough room for the address. As a general rule plan on a 4 x 2 area for addressing and barcode. If there is not enough room for the barcode you will pay more postage.


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