Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

Here is a list of the most commom mistakes for a mailing that will cost you more money:

  • Envelopes with square flaps – these require hand inserting instead of machine
  • Inserts that fit too tightly in the envelope – these require hand inserting as well
  • Lists with multiple entries in a single field, such as company and address together – this requires manual fixing
  • Poor perforations that tear – this requires running machines slower and additional QC
  • Incorrect aspect ratio – the requirement (length divided by height) is between 1.3 and 2.5
  • Paper stock that is too thin – the requirement is a minimum of .009 for letter size mail
  • A mailer with round corners – the peice must go in an envelope

As always, if you have any questions email or call us 619-448-6111.


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