Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

Done right, direct mail can be a very cost effective way to reach targeted prospects and customers. Return on investment typically exceeds most other forms of advertising. However, inefficient list targeting and poor mail piece design can cost you money.

Tough economic times can put a real strain on your marketing budget. Here are 5 ideas that will save you money now.

1. Mail to the right people by targeting your lists to reach only those people most likely to be interested in your product or service. Many tools are available to profile your mailing lists utilizing the amazing amount of information accessible today on households and businesses. Ask us about enhancing your data to target the right audience. You can mail fewer pieces and get better results.

2. Clean In-House lists. Avoid undeliverable mail by updating your lists at least four times a year. There are several ways to get address updates for people who have moved and to eliminate invalid or incomplete addresses. Mail that does not get delivered or is sent to the wrong address wastes your money.

3. Size matters. For lower postage rates, keep your mail piece at letter size, no larger than 6 1/8” high by 11 ½” long. Mail pieces larger than that fall into the flats category and have a significantly higher postage rate. Flats can cost more than twice as much per piece as letters.

4. Location, location, location. Make sure the address and barcode block on letter size mail fits into the USPS OCR read area. If it doesn’t fit, you pay for it with additional postage. We can provide you with a template to guide you.

5. An ounce of prevention. Send a mock-up or pdf file to Eye/Comm:, before your mail piece is printed. We will gladly assess it for automation compatibility, or, if necessary, send it the Postal Service for a ruling. There is no charge for this service and it can save you lots of money and avoid costly delays.

Any questions? Call us 619-448-6111.


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