Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

Direct Marketing Success

The Keys to Direct Marketing Success

  • Personalization: Interact 1 to 1.
  • Variable Data: An unprecedented level of personalization.
  • Production: View our capabilities.
  • Applications: Find the right Direct Mail package for you.

 Personalization:People respond when you talk directly to them on a personal level. We help you add intelligence to your data so you can tailor your offers to appeal to individuals.

Personalize your mailings in a number of ways:

  • Inkjet addressing.
  • Adding personalized messaging near the address area.
  • Variable black and white laser printing such as personalized letters, coupons, forms, reply devices.
  • Variable digital color printing. Each mail piece can be unique with personalized information, variable graphics and variable photos for each recipient.

Variable Data: Achieve true 1 to 1 personalized marketing with our variable digital printing. Variable printing has been proven to significantly boost ROI, on average achieving response rates 7 times higher than conventional direct mail.  With variable digital printing, each printed piece is “varied” to show different graphics, copy, offers or photos specifically designed to appeal to each individual recipient.  It can be as simple as a personalized letter or as complex as a full-color variable brochure. 

 Production: Eye/Comm provides you with a wide array of Direct Mail options.

  • Data segmentation for versioning
  • Laser, inkjet, and digital personalization.
  • Variable digital printing
  • Automated inserting
  • Poly bags or shrink wrap
  • Postage via permit, stamp or meter
  • Packaging
  • Warehousing

Applications: Drive higher response by choosing the right direct mail package for your application. Utilizing industry analysis of various direct mail results Eye/Comm helps you develop a mail piece designed for optimum response. Some examples include:

  • Postcards. A cost-effective choice suitable for many applications.
  • Self-mailers. Room for more copy at a cost only slightly more than a postcard.
  • Envelopes. A professional look with impact.
  • Polybags or shrink wrap. Contents are visible so your message stands out.
  • Packages. It’s hard to resist opening a box or package.
  • Irregular pieces. Odd shapes stand out in the mail.

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