Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

Direct Mail

Here are the top 7 ways marketing professionals are using Direct Mail to grow their businesses:

  • Generate Awareness.
  • Generate Sales Leads.
  • Qualify Sales Leads.
  • Generate Store Traffic.
  • Sell Directly.
  • Service Customers.
  • Create Loyalty.

Why use Direct Mail?

With so many media choices today, why choose direct mail? Here are several compelling reasons:

  • Direct Mail is Targetable Unlike most other media you can select your target audience and deliver your message directly to their home or office. Your offer can be customized to the recipient’s known behaviors. Direct mail is perceived to be more personal and important than other media.
  • Results are Measurable You can easily calculate your return on investment. You know how many pieces you mailed, what each piece cost, and how many responses you received. Most other media send your message to a less defined audience, including many people you don’t want to reach.
  • Mail is Flexible You can include product samples, send a simple postcard, mail a catalog, send a letter in an envelope…mail whatever you need to meet your marketing goal. All direct mail is dimensional and the recipient interacts with it in both a visual and a tactile way. Unlike email or TV, the recipient can’t just hit delete or a button on a remote to make your message disappear.
  • Direct Mail is Versatile You can easily customize your message to your target audience. Use it to drive traffic to your website, generate store traffic, identify qualified leads, gather information on your customers, make a direct sale, or support concurrent web, broadcast or print advertising.
  • Direct Mail is an integral part of your advertising mix. Direct mail is a critical part of your business advertising. Your customers and prospects respond to different types of media. Many will prefer the personal touch of mail. Use it as a vital part of your multimedia marketing.

 More Direct Mail Facts

According to recent USPS research:

  • Two-thirds of Americans view traditional mail as more personal than internet communications.
  • The same number say mail is more private than email.
  • 68% of Americans say mail is more secure than internet communications.
  • Among the age groups known as Gen X (born 1965-1976) and Gen Y (born 1977-1994), 70% say they sort their mail immediately and 66% say they read it regularly.

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