Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

7. Timing and drop dates

Decide when you want the mail to be in homes.

  • Mail in the Fall. Donors may be motivated by year‐end tax breaks for charitable giving. In 2008, September had the best non profit response rate. January has also shown good response rates, possibly because people are still in the holiday spirit and may have passed on Fall giving opportunities. A bad time is mid summer. If there is an event relevant to your cause, mail around that time.
  • Mail often. Tests have shown that a second mailing of the same piece to the same list usually generates 50% of the response of the first mailing.
  • Back‐time your mail date from the date you want the mail in homes. The San Diego Post Office generally delivers in one to two days for local addresses. The average delivery for standard mail nationwide is 13.6 days, but can take longer to the east coast.

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