Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

6. Production

You have your lists and your copy. Now it’s time to produce the package and mail it.

  • Cost is not as important as the response. It’s easy to think the less money you spend on production the greater the potential for success. But if a more expensive package gets twice the response, your ROI is better. Test different formats to see which works the best.
  • Use a reputable graphic designer with experience in fundraising appeals. Design the package using standard sizes like a #10 envelope to keep cost down.
  • Personalize or not? Generic letters cost less, but personalized letters can boost response. The most effective personalization goes beyond a name. Use whatever information you have about a donor to add a personal touch, such as what their last donation bought, programs in their area made possible by your organization, or the number of years they have supported you.
  • Allow enough time. In general, design and art will take 1 to 2 weeks, printing about a week, mailing services about 3 days.

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