Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

 Clean your mailing list:

Keep your inhouse mailing lists clean and uptodate. Eliminate bad addresses, update old addresses and drop uninterested recipients to save money by eliminating paper, ink and energy used to produce undeliverable pieces.
Eye/Comm provides numerous resources to refine your lists and reduce waste:  
  • Address standardization corrects address errors.
  • Move update provides correct addresses.
  • Deduping eliminates duplicate addresses.
  • Predictive list modeling targets your best prospects.
  • Personalized messaging increases relevance and can boost response.

Here are some things you can do to keep your lists clean:

  • Provide opportunities for recipients to easily optin or optout.
  • Maintain a donotmail list of those who choose to optout.
  • Provide ways for customers to notify you of mailing preferences or incorrect address information.

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