Marketing and Direct Mail Tips

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Cost Effective Direct Mail

Done right, direct mail can be a very cost effective way to reach targeted prospects and customers. Return on investment typically exceeds most other forms of advertising. However, inefficient list targeting and poor mail piece design can cost you money. The 15 Ways to Reduce Postage Costs can help you maximize your return on investment in your direct marketing.

1. Mail to the right people by targeting your lists to reach only those people most likely to be interested in your product or service. Many tools are available to profile your mailing lists utilizing the amazing amount of information accessible today on households and businesses.

  • Data Enhancement: Profile your best customers.
  •  Data Acquisition: Find prospects that most closely resemble those customers.

Ask me about enhancing your data to target the right audience. You can mail fewer pieces and get better results.


Stay tuned for more ways..





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